Fire Prevention

In the United States, each year approximately 5,000 people lose their lives in fires.  Although there are many causes, most fires are caused by cooking accidents, electrical malfunction, smoking and other negligent factors.    When we think about these statistics, there is no denying that the danger that fire presents mandates that we take steps to stay safe.

Fire prevention begins with planning.   The nature of fire is that it is fast, it is hot and it is dark.  When fire strikes, every second counts.  There is little time to stop and think.  Each person in the home should have two escape routes in mind, so that they can react if one is blocked.

Smoke alarms are necessary. They save countless lives.   Even before fire strikes smoke can cause lethal effects, and the importance having a warning cannot be over-stated.

Read more about fire prevention and practice escape routes with your family.

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