Hurricane Tags

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late – Get Your Boca Grande Hurricane Hangtag Now!

The Boca Grande Fire Department  issues HURRICANE HANGTAGS to officials, residents, property owners, and business owners for their essential personnel. These tags will be valid until further notice. Following are some guidelines to the hurricane hangtag program:

Hurricane Hangtags: In order to make re-entry easier after an event, rear view mirror hangtags are issued to officials, residents, property owners and business owners in the Community of Boca Grande.

Drivers License: A Drivers License with a Boca Grande address may still be used; however, a Hurricane Hangtag will expedite your return. Persons with a drivers license with a Boca Grande mailing address are strongly urged to also obtain a hurricane hangtag.

For the current Hurricane Season, if you have a Blue Residential or an Orange Commercial tag, be sure you know where they are. If you cannot locate your tags or have not renewed please bring your proof of residency  and  drivers license to the fire department to apply for a  new tag for this year.

Hurricane Hangtags will only be issued to business or residential owners. It is the owners choice and the owners discretion as to how the Hangtags are used after that. This is for the owner’s protection and security.


Boca Grande property owners and those with commercial interests should obtain hurricane hangtags prior to a hurricane warning being issued. Commercial businesses must have a valid occupational license with a physical address on the island prior to application for hurricane hangtags. The hurricane hangtag program includes a system of four zones. Your zone will be printed on your hurricane hangtag to allow for phased re-entry, if warranted.


Hurricane hangtags are available from the Boca Grande Fire Department, 360 East Railroad Ave, between the hours of 10:00AM to 12:00PM and 2:00PM to 4:00PM Monday through Friday. The Fire Department administrative offices will be closed three business days prior to a projected landfall storm. For a new tag if you are not on the island, send an email to:, or call to request an application. Send your completed application with a self addressed, stamped envelope to the Boca Grande Fire Department, POB 532, Boca Grande, Florida, 33921. Include a copy of your drivers’ license, proof of residency or ownership, i.e. copy of tax bill, deed, rental agreement, utility bill, etc

Important Information

Staying on the Island – if you elect to remain on the Island after an Evacuation Advisory has been issued, which is not recommended, it is requested that you contact the Boca Grande Fire Department at  964-2908 and leave the following information.

  • Name and address where you are staying
  • Number of members in your party
  • Contact number for next of kin not living in the area

This will aid the Fire Department to expedite search and rescue proceedings as well as body recovery efforts. Those electing not to contact the Boca Grande Fire Department shall be assisted on a first come, first served basis when it is safe to do so.

The Boca Grande Fire Department is NOT A SHELTER OR A SAFE HAVEN. Please make arrangements for evacuations.

Hurricane Zones

 Zone 1 Bridge to 18th St.
 Zone 2 Isles
 Zone 3 17th St. to 1st St.
 Zone 4 Banyan St. – South End





 Residential Qualifications

  • Own property on the island
  • Provide a copy of the lease for island property, listing the name of the person
  • requesting the tag as a tenant /or have the landlord request the tag provide proof such as utility bill, property tax bill, etc. indicating island address
  • Show valid drivers license

Commercial Qualifications

  • Must own/manage a business with a physical address on the island
  • Provide business license with island address
  • Owner/manager must show valid drivers license

Island Workers/Employees

  • Tags will be issued to businesses and/or employers for their key employees. A list of employees shall be submitted to BGFD and tags will be issued to the employer.
  • The business owner/property owner is accountable for the tag and the person to whom it is issued
  • Tags should be issued only in the event of a storm, and returned to the employer after the storm.
  • Caretakers/Housekeepers/Homewatch/lawn service
  • Obtain tag from employer/property owner
  • One (1) tag from each zone will suffice

Lost Tags

  • ONLY homeowners, tenants, or business owners can request replacements for lost tags.

Tag Renewal

  • Necessity for HangTag renewal will be determined on a yearly basis. Watch the local newspapers, or check with the fire department for information.
  • DO NOT throw your tags away.
  • Check with the Boca Grande Fire Department if you have any questions about the tags, usage or renewal.
  • Tag renewal can only be done by the homeowner or business owner.

For questions regarding hurricane hangtags, emergency preparedness and evacuation, please review our FAQ page or contact the Boca Grande Fire Department at 941-964-2908.

Phone: +1-941-964-2908
Fax: +1-941-964-0368
Boca Grande, FL 33921
360 E. Railroad Avenue